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Rees Harps have become the most proven design for recordings and concert performances  worldwide. Musicians that perform with Rees Harps reads like a list of “Who’s Who” in the international lever and double harp world. Rees harps have been used in Grammy winning albums such as Paul Winter’s “Celtic Solstice” performed with harpist Carol Thompson and more recently we are also happy to announce Yo-Yo Ma’s double Grammy winning album “Songs of Joy and Peace” preformed with harpist Marta Cook using her Rees Aberdeen. Rees Harps have been used in performances at the Kennedy Center, The Lincoln Center, The White House, The Hague (Netherlands), The Jerusalem Hall (Israel), and on soundtracks in Hollywood movies. In addition Rees, meticulously hand crafted and decorated harps have been presented with “Best of Show” and “Best of Category” at the most prestigious of fine art shows in the nation. This has made Rees Harps sought after by top musicians, collectors, and museum curators. Along with the lifetime warranty, these combined accomplishments are achievements that set Rees Harps above the rest. Feel and hear the difference with a Rees Harp.

For more information on the unique design of Rees Harps, check out our “Why Rees?” page. What makes Rees Harps different and why is that an advantage to you. Also read what people have to say about Rees Harps on our Customer Quotes page.


Professional harpists who have selected Rees Harps includes:

Máire Ní Chathasaigh - All Ireland Harp Champion; International Performer

Ray Pool - Pedal / Lever Wizard; International Performer

Marta Cook - Irish Champion, Double Grammy winning with YoYo Ma

Carol Thompson - 1999 Best New Age Album Grammy winning performance with Paul Winters

Laurie Riley - Music for Healing & Traditions Co-founder; International Performer

Christina Tourin - Founder of the International Harp Therapy Program

Sue Raimond - Founder of Pet Pause - Music Therapy for animals; International Performer

Janet Harbison - Founder of the Irish Harp Centre

Stella Benson -  Music for Healing & Transition program Co-founder; International Performer

Angie Bemiss - International Performer

Lynn Grieser - International Performer

Therese Honey - International Performer

Beth Kolle - International Performer

Laurie Rasmussen - International Performer

Christine VanArsdale - International Performer

Verlene Schermer - National Performer

Nancy Davis - National Performer

Cynthia Shelhart - National Performer, Double Harp

Jennifer Carlson - National Performer

Maureen Brennan - Regional Performer, West

Elizabeth Motter - Regional Performer, Midwest

Bryn Bowen Cox - Regional Performer, Midwest

Daryne Sandford - Regional Performer, East

Lindsey Duncan - Regional Performer, Midwest

Pamela Jurgens - Regional Performer, Midwest

Alyssa Reit - Regional Performer, Midwest

Ellen Tepper - Regional Performer, East

Darlene Walton - Regional Performer, Midwest

Amelia Theodoratus - Regional Performer, East

Kellen Perry - Regional Performer, West

Neil Young - Okay, so he’s better known for his guitar playing and song writing

(If we accidentally missed you or listed your area incorrectly, please do not hesitate to let us know.)

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