Customer Quotes & Photos


“WOW!  My harp is gorgeous - with a sound to match!”

  1. K.Newcomer

“My Aberdeen Meadow is a delight in performance.  I used it in a solo concert for the MetroHarp chapter (NYC) of the American Harp Society.  It was greatly admired by all in attendance. 

Even before playing, I love tuning it.  A very even and reliable signal is guaranteed from top to bottom.  This accuracy in pitch is the fundamental issue for a resonating harp.  The sympathetic vibrations from one octave to another provide a great sonority.

Thank you for a beautiful harp that I always enjoy playing.”

Ray Pool


“I visited a local music store that had a Lyon & Healy Prelude (there on consignment) and several Rees harps.  I was pleased to play the Rees harp.  I am very impressed with its rich tone and smooth fit and finish.  Playing it next to the L&H Prelude was a pleasant surprise.  Although the L&H looked twice the size and definitely was 2 -3 times the weight of the Rees, the Rees harp had more volume and a richer voice.  Because I am short I thought I needed a staved or round-back harp, but after playing this Rees I’ve changed my mind.”

A. Seward

Ray Pool and his Aberdeen Meadows

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say I’m still in love with my Morgan!  It is absolutely beautiful, and has tolerated life aboard a yacht remarkably well.  Thank you for such a beautiful instrument! Any time I’ve gotten together with other harpists their jaws drop when they hear the incredible dynamic range of the harp, and the quality of the tone.  They also can’t believe it ony has 23 strings, as they swear it has more bass that it actually has.  Once woman fell so in love with it she purchased one from you a couple years ago now.  Her instructor told her she was insane to buy a lap harp, but has since changed his mind.”

B. Swan

“I am convinced I have the two best performance harps around, not to mention their sheer beauty!”

  1. M.Warczak

“I know it’s been nearing 2 years since I purchased my harp from you guys, but I just had to tell you once again, how much I LOVE my harp!  It is beautiful from the inside out.  Today I was in a music store where they had harps lined on both sides of their entrance-way.  I was curious, so I took a moment and plucked around on the various brands, like Lyon and Healy, honestly sounded terrible comparative (I was rather shocked that they sounded that way).  So, thank you.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  I am so glad that I made my purchase with your family.  I wouldn’t want any other.  I’ve moved from 3 different cities, each time getting praise and awe for its deep beautiful and rich sound, and the awesome celtic looks (gorgeous painting!).  People are surprised what can come out of that little guy.  So, THANK YOU.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear from me either.”

P. Inman

P. Inman and her Rees Harp

“I keep meaning to let you know how much I love my new harp.  Everyone ooo’d and awww’d over my harp.  When I told them you built it the ooo’s and awww’s got louder!  It sounded good the first time I played it.  That is one of the wonderful thing I have noticed about your harps.  Sure, they sound better with age but right out of the box they sound as if they have been played for months.  I truly LOVE my harp.  Thank you!”

  1. J.Chevalier

“My husband purchased a harp from you about 4 years ago.  The sound quality is a joy and when my teacher plays it I get goose bumps.”

  1. M.Holt

Maire Ni Chathasaigh with her Aberdeen Meadows

“Glad to be part of the Rees harp ‘family’!  I love this harp and although I own several from different makers (Dusty Strings) this is the one I use the most.  This past weekend for the festival it shocked me at the incredible sound coming from the harp.  Even I thought it sounded good (and I am very critical of my playing).  Lever harps are not wimpy!”

  1. R.Lytle

“I am thrilled to pieces over my new totally beautiful double harp that you made for me!  It looks so amazing, with the rosemaling complementing your excellent woodwork, and I love the little jewels on the levers - so much easier to see in dim light.  The sound is awesome, even for a new harp.  Having a lower octave is just perfect for the music I play.  Thank you for your fine work.  This double is going to my next concert!”

B. Kolle

Nancy Davis with her Aberdeen Meadows